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    Our housing is available to people with disability only


    6 x 1 bedroom SDA apartments currently tenanted.


    Property Details

    Bedrooms 1 Bedrooms
    Bathrooms 1 Bathrooms

    In the heart of Richmond, Guardian Living has 6 x 1 bedroom apartments with study spread throughout a complex of 110 apartments. The SDA apartments are specially designed for people who require high physical support.

    The apartments are adjacent to Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre. They overlook the Yarra River and are only a short tram ride to Melbourne’s CBD.


    SDA Information

    SDA Design Category:
    High Physical Support.
    SDA Building Type:
    Number of SDA Residents per Apartment:
    Onsite Overnight Assistance OOA:
    SDA Provider Name:

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      Our housing is available to people with disability only

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