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    If you are in need of any extra assistance please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you.

    Our housing is available to people with disability only

    Guardian Living has teamed up with market leaders in home automation and assistive technology (AT) to create an accessible environment that is controllable through a variety of personal devices, voice activation and discreet wall-mounted buttons.

    We use both wired and wireless technologies to ensure reliability even when power is not available.

    The primary function of the technology is to support individuals to independently interact with their environment without the need for additional staff. This includes the control of lighting and blinds but also allows tenants to operate communal lifts and doors using a Bluetooth or proximity device.

    A robust multi-level duress system is built into the backbone of the AT system ensuring the safety and peace of mind of each resident, especially when they are on their own.   Guardian Living will work with the residents and their support team to ensure the NDIA funds the required AT components.