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    If you are in need of any extra assistance please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you.

    Our housing is available to people with disability only

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    Dr Mel Smith OAM

    “I am looking forward to feeling safe in my environment with better supports in place.”

    Interview with Dr Melinda Smith OAM

    Mark – Tenant

    “I have staying power, I have gumption. I know my darkness and I know my light.  And how I see it, from all the struggles I’ve made it through. It’s like my apartment and the personal space I now have is the reward.”

    If you or someone you know could would like to live in one of our properties please call 1300 452 732 (1300 GLA SDA).


    Jane Galvin

    Jane Galvin from Participate OT

    “For everyone I have worked with to move into a Guardian apartment, the availability of technology to suit their needs in every aspect of the dwelling, as well as the onsite support model has been life-changing.”