About Us

Established in 2016, Guardian Living’s mission is to provide accessible housing options to
Australians living with a disability. We believe that thoughtfully designed homes can provide a foundation for greater independence, community connection and social inclusion, with the potential to vastly improve quality of life outcomes for our tenants.

Guardian Living predominantly helps people with disabilities to move out of nursing homes, inappropriate group homes and alternative accommodation, into purpose-designed homes where they can achieve a greater sense of independence and freedom in their daily lives.

We are delivering a large scale portfolio of accessible housing options across the Eastern seaboard of Australia, comprising of apartments, units, townhouses, independent living and limited share dwellings.

With over 60 years of combined accessible housing and architecture experience all of our properties are designed and built in accordance with accessible housing best practice, and are certified to the applicable SDA design category.

Guardian Living believes in a holistic approach to SDA and has developed collaborative processes for working with tenants and their support teams to enable a streamlined transition process.

Our Team

Justin is a member of the Federal Government SDA Reference Group and a Board Member of the SDA Alliance. Justin has 30 years’ experience in the provision of accessible built environments across the public, private and government sectors of disability and housing. 

35 years’ experience in the commercial building industry with a track record of identifying and creating sustainable investment models that deliver for investors and clients. Chris identified the opportunity that is the embryonic SDA market and has brought his strategic business and innovation skills as well as market insights to the development of Guardian Living. 

More than 25 years’ experience as a qualified solicitor acting in commercial and property law. Gary, together with Chris Marsh, established Guardian Living after an extensive due diligence process based on analysis of the Productivity Commission SDA decision paper.

Astrid Reynolds

Astrid Reynolds

Tenant Outcomes, Policies, Practices and Processes

For more than a decade Astrid has been a leader in the development and implementation of innovative housing options for people with disabilities. A respected and published Subject Matter Expert (SME), she has applied her skills and expertise across state and local government and non-government sectors. 

More than a decade of experience in the construction sector as a certified builder and Project Manager, Steve has helped drive Guardian Living’s successful entry to the SDA market.

Nicol Middel

Nicol Middel

Business Administration & Tenant Outcomes

With qualifications in Accounting and Business Management, Nicol has over 20 years’ experience in finance, administration and people management. This includes financial accounting, office management, IT administration, HR administration, payroll administration, distribution & logistics across multiple industries.

Jason Braden

General Manager

Jason has more than 20 years’ experience in the government sector across a range of departments in the education and compensable insurance sector.  Extensive experience in infrastructure development extending from business case development and evaluations through to project delivery. Jason is experienced in government policy, strategy and risk, compliance, procurement and contract management.