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    Support Better Access on Tram Route 82

    Support Better Access on Tram Route 82

    The Department of Transport and Planning is looking at ways to make tram travel along tram Route 82 in Footscray and Maribyrnong easier, safer and more accessible.

    They are doing this by changing the way tram stop upgrades are planned. They are looking at multiple stops along a section of street rather than individual tram stops.

    This approach presents an opportunity to think about how the street functions, what could be improved and how to better integrate tram stops within the local street environment.

    The Department of Transport and Planning put a call out to people that live, shop locally, visit or travel through the area. They also wanted to hear from people that own or operate a business or organisation along the corridor.

    That is where Guardian Living Australia comes in. We have an apartment project in LaScala Ave., Maribyrnong.

    Here is a section of our submission, which was completed by our Tenant Outcomes Manager Tom Worsnop:

    1.We operate a business that builds accessible housing for people with a disability. We have an apartment project in LaScala Ave., Maribyrnong, in the Edgewater estate, offering accessible housing for 8 people with complex disability. We are aware of two other similar developments in the same neighbourhood. Accessible public transport is very important for our tenants, who mostly use wheelchairs for they mobility in the community. The estate has done an excellent job of including accessible footpaths etc. The tram along Gordon St now needs accessible tram stops, as the primary public transport option for those living in this estate., to complement the access amenity that already exists in the area.

    2. As Footscray is a primary local shopping precinct for our tenants with disability living in the Edgewater estate, offering a good range of affordable food and daily living outlets, a fully accessible public transport route (the number 82 tram) needs to have multiple accessible stops in Barkly St so that people with limited mobility (those in wheelchairs particularly) can utilise this important precinct independently.

    3. The trams in route 82 need to be ones that offer accessible entry, so that people with limited mobility, particularly those who use wheelchairs and walking frames, can utilise that public transport option independently (it’s the only one that effectively services the Edgewater estate).

    Which of the following aspects about the project are you most interested in knowing more about?

    Tram stop and other designs

    Permanent changes to the street, such changes to tram stop locations or traffic lane change (subject to funding)

    Opportunities to provide feedback

    How we can help you prepare for construction (if funding is secured)

    Temporary construction impacts and timing (subject to funding)

    Is there anything else you’re interested in, or would like to tell us more about?

    While public transport accessibility is the practical issues that is most important to our tenants with disability, safety is also highly significant, as they are often vulnerable on public transport. Accessible tram stops also need to have security measures such as emergency call buttons that are accessible to people with limited reach, and lighting and design that allows tram stops to be observable to passing traffic etc will be needed.