All Guardian Living housing is designed to be accessible to suit the needs of tenants. Our Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is designed to incorporate accessible features that extend well beyond minimum compliance to High Physical Support or Fully Accessible (SDA design categories).

Good accessible environments enable everyone to enjoy their housing, and to participate in the community without barriers that restrict or impede physical access. Accessible, or live-able features of a dwelling, allow everyone to easily and safely live in a house from day one rather than wait for unexpected needs to arise, that then require further modifications.

Guardian Living designs universal access housing and delivers models of support that enable people with a range of abilities to live as independently as possible. We offer this to people with physical disabilities but also those with sensory, cognitive and intellectual support needs. The Guardian Living team are proud that all of our SDA housing incorporates the highest level of accessibility whilst maintaining a welcoming home environment that doesn’t look different from mainstream housing.